Shambhu Das is a classically trained Sitarist of the highest order. After receiving many years of personal instruction from the now legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar, Das went on to begin his own career, receiving many accolades from the international press and in his own time teaching and collaborating closely with many accomplished performers of Indian classical music. Currently Shambhu Das resides in Toronto, Canada and continues to share his musical gift with willing students, to expand his own musical skills and to spread the message of world peace through a proper understanding of his music.
Indian Classical music is indivisible from the mythology and spiritual practice of India. Those whoseek to become great maestros, therefore, must also embrace the philosophy of the subcontinent. Perhaps this is why, though many aspire, few accomplish the status of Pandit or Ustad, the highest honour a student of this music can attain. Coupled with this study of philosophy is the rigorous discipline imposed upon the disciple by his master, a discipline which many find too difficult to endure.

Shambhu Das has been through it all and has come out with flying colours. Read the whole story in the biography section.

Shambhu Das is now available for performance, workshops, recording sessions and to teach Sitar.

For inquiries please contact:

Phone: (416) 286-7180
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Presented at the T.S.S. Festival Toronto Sanskriti Sangstha Award
Toronto May 21 & 22 2005 Presented to Mr Shambhu Das